Hedge Maze

Our 7,000 square foot hedge maze, planted in arborvitae, has been growing since 1996! Children and adults enjoy the challenge of finding their way to the center of this reproduction of a 17th century hedge maze that once existed in England. When you reach the center, you have the option of climbing up the tower for a birds-eye view! You can expect the journey to take you approximately 25 minutes, but this all depends on how many dead ends you find!

Mazes containing no loops are known as "standard" or "perfect" mazes and are equivalent to a tree in graph theory. Thus many maze solving algorithms are closely related to graph theory. If one pulled and stretched out the paths in the maze in the proper way, the result could be made to resemble a tree.


Our classical 7 circuit labyrinth was recreated during the summer of 2011. The labyrinth is made up of a bed of small pebbles and larger individually chosen pathway stones. Visitors find solice and reflect upon life's questions as they walk the spiral pathway to the center of the labyrinth.

Unlike mazes that have multiple branch options, labyrinths are single/unicursal pathways. They are frequently used as spiritual tools and are believed to enhance the "right brain's" activity. The most ancient and universal labyrinths fall into the classical variety which have seven circuits.

Native American Medicine Wheel

The famous Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming is believed to act as a calendar device, much like Stonehenge in England. Native Americans chose "power spots to create sacred space to pray, fast, seek visions, focus on group needs, and for healing.

The points of focus in a medicine wheel garden are the center and the four cardinal directions: north, east, south, and west. Many Native Americans also add three more directions: above, below and here. Welcoming ceremonies and sacred rites always honor the four or seven primary directions. The directions are the places of the spirits of the winds or the forces that govern life.


A naturally spring fed pond that allows for limitless play! Spend the day watching the various pond creatures or traveling on one of the available paddle boats. Children must be supervised by adults and wear life jackets at all times. Life jackets of some sizes are available for use, but please call and ask before visiting!


Amish-built playhouse with loft. Equiped with everything to spur the imagination. Some dress-up costumes available for little warriors and princesses!

Finger Lakes National Forest

The approximately 100 acres of Amazeing Acres is located adjacent to the Finger Lakes National Forest.